From the horse's mouth

From the horse's mouth

 … or how working with Your Catalyst has enabled others to achieve their goals and change their life for the better:


"When I first met Dany, I was often frustrated at my ability to "miss the boat". Through the work we have done, I have since learnt to be a success. It is one thing to have talent or ability, but by recognising my strategy for success we were able to identity how my limiting self-beliefs were hampering my progress to action. Dany's technique is methodical, passionate, logical and ground-breaking. I leave her session buoyed and excited with a clearer view of the steps I need to take to get what I want; essentially the most out of myself with my universe as my guide. My career has gone from strength to strength and i am ever closer to realising my dreams - none of this would have been possible without Dany in my life."

~ Danny Sapani, Actor - based in London

 "Working with Dany is like having a Fairy Godmother! She spreads magic wherever she goes. Since working with her, my life has completely turned around in that everything has become so achievable and within reach. Six months ago, I was struggling in every aspect of my life – confused about the direction I should take at work, disconnected from my fiancee, stressed financially and totally lacking in energy. She’s helped myself and my partner massively, encouraging us to see the life we want and go and get it – to stop worrying about “the how” and just believe.

It sounds so simple it’s hard to imagine we weren’t doing it before! Both our career are now booming, we’re looking at buying a house with a seven figure price tag and we’re so connected and loving, planning our wedding together for later in the year. When I recommend Dany to friends or colleagues, I feel like I’m giving them the key to a magic kingdom. She’s just wonderful."

~ Emma Harris, Marketing Director – London

 "Dany was a truly inspirational Coach and Mentor, not only did she listen when it meant, but she lifted my soul, gave me direction and really pointed me in the direction that i needed when it was needed.  I owe her my career, my wife's career and my life. Her uplifted spirit and positive attitude is second to none.  To sum it up, an encounter with Dany is like nothing I have ever experienced before. My wife could always tell when I had met her, she has an unbelievable aura that resonates with whoever she ever comes in contact with.  A must have person in any perspective of your life."

~ Lee Harrison, Eurostar’s Depot Stores Manager – Eurostar International Ltd, London

 "Dany worked with me on a number of issues and I was keenly impressed with both her empathy and natural ease of working.  She was not only a consummate professional but also helped me to get real results.  She helped me to develop both as an individual as well as a businessman and as a result I have reaped dividends in my business.  I highly recommend Dany."

~ Andrew Baggott, Director - Excaliber Ltd, London

"I have had the rewarding experience of working with Dany on several occasions. She is so fully present, that she really sees into people, and knows when to make the snap change, the click effect that creates the result. She puts all her energy in what she does, and she has plenty of it!"

~ Alberto Belle, Founder Alberto Belle - Innovation Coach, Spain

 "Dany was my Coach when I did my NLP Master Practitioner certification course.  She is an easy to talk to lady, who has great rapport skills.  When I had any problems or issues they were dealt with quickly and efficiently.  She answered my questions patiently and was proactive in empowering me to keep my focus strong during the course.

We have also attended 2 courses together as delegates and she is always supportive in whatever situation she finds herself in.  She has integrity and humour and I can vouch for this personally after having had a problem on my Hypnosis Trainer’s Training course; she encouraged me to get “back on the horse”. We qualified together successfully.

Her knowledge and skill sets are put to good use in creating lasting changes for her clients.

If you want to take your life to the next level in quick easy steps I would fully recommend you to work with Dany."

~ Marina Housley, Assistant General Manager - Aage Hempel International, Spain

  We can not solve our problems with the same level
of thinking that created them”

~ Albert Einstein